A downloadable game for Windows

In Monster House, you guide the people entering in your own Terror House. People are scared of monster, so you can place them in the House to flee the visitors to the exit. Extra points to find the secret chest, and for scaring visitors even more using bats, coffins and ghosts.

- Tutorial available
- 5 Levels
- Difficult (I hope)

The rules are pretty simple: the visitors move straight and turn clockwise when they encounter an obstacle. If they see a monster (up, down, left or right, and not blocked by any obstacle), they run away in the opposite direction, so you can "push" the visitors down putting a monster above then.

Now, there is two differents monsters: the green ones and the red ones. If the visitors run away from a green monster, they turn clockwise when they reach the next obstacle, BUT if they see a red monster, they will run counter-clockwise in next obstacles.

Using these rules, you will have to guide the visitors to the exit, but if you scare them forcing them to pass by the "traps" (ghosts, coffins...), you'll earn more and more points! So place carefully your monsters to get the highest score!

-- Technical Info --

This is my first game submission to LudumDare #33 -and also my first finished game-. For the record, I've used:

+ GameMaker for programming. I wanted to use Löve2d, but I have more confidence with GM for now.
+ Piskel for creating sprites. Great program. I discovered it during the compo.
+ Paint.NET for image editing.
+ SFXR to generate some sound effects.
+ Audacity to record and edit the rest of the sound. No time for music in this jam :(

Install instructions

Download & play. No installation required.

Only for Windows, sorry. I don't have complete Gamemaker License :(


Monster_House_LD33.exe 2 MB